Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shoulder to shoulder, foot to foot

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) advised that when we pray in congregation that we close the gap between us and the people next to us, on each side, by ensuring that we stand shoulder to shoulder and foot to foot. The apparent wisdom is that this bond will encourage unity and brotherhood/sisterhood.

Some people misunderstand this great tradition to the point where they become obsessed with the foot to foot part. Who among us did not have to stand next to such a person who turns the prayer into a mission for his foot to chase yours. After every step in the prayer, he makes sure that his foot forcefully presses on your foot, and if you dare to move your own feet closer to escape the pressure, his foot will follow yours to remind you that there is no escape from that destined bond. I wonder how could he keep his balance with his legs so far apart? It must take a lot practice.

What's up with that?


Sharaf Mowjood said...


Tarek said...

Oh yeah, that happens to me all the time. I thought it was only me.

Amina said...

Well, I guess the consolation is that at least you know their feet are clean :)