Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Black, new, Quiksilver brand- Please return at your earliest...

I was a bit disappointed this weekend. I stubbed my toes really hard and broke some bones. I needed slippers (chapaals in Urdu) and I didn't have a pair because I couldnt wear closed toed shoes. In fact my favorite pair had been stolen and I was upset at how this came to be.

Yes, they were stolen. I don't know who would want to steal a pair of slippers, and get this, a pair of slippers from the Masjid at Isha prayer to be precise. I guess some one came bare foot and decided my pair of chapaals were perfect for them so they went off wearing them. They were only three days old. (I just bought an expensive pair because the ones I had previously had lasted for a good two years so I thought might as well buy another expensive pair)

Or maybe, they had crusty old chapaals and decided that my pair was new, not being worn, so they must have all rights over it. They walked away wearing my 9.5 size chapaals leaving their crusty falling apart size 10 chapaals.

Whatever the case might be, I looked and I searched for my chapaals for twenty minutes after Isha prayer and did not find them anywhere- no one wore them to the restroom, no one picked them up and placed them on another rack, no lost and found- so all i can say is that there is a chapaal bandit out there and they took off with my chapaals!

But what is up with stealing chapaals at the Masjid, after Isha prayer?!! (there is no way they could have thought my chapaals looked like theirs because there were no chapaals that looked like mine left at the masjid) - I am tempted to say which masjid this happened at so people are careful about their chapaals, but my conscience tells me otherwise, since it might be more a rare occurrence (until this person destroys my chapaals and needs another pair).


Hussam Ayloush said...

That explains why my mom always told me not to wear my nice shoes to the Masjid when I was a little kid.

Maryam said...

when we went for umrah, my mom and I Would put both our right shoes in one cubby, and both our left shoes in another cubby, so unless someone has two left feet or two right feet, they wouldn't take off with them.

Anonymous said...

In mecca and medina always keep your shoes/slipper with you at all time even if they are only worth a $1, not the matter of price but the inconvenience of going barefoot 'til you get a new pair from your hotel room/market.

I also noticed that it's less likely for someone to mistakenly take off with your shoes when you place them at higher level shelves, belive me it's worth the trouble of placing them higher where it's out of sight at others more easily.

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

My sympathies. Aside from the financial loss, that sort of theft would leave me inclined to anger.

My father told me, often, "don't attribute to malice, what can be explained by stupidity." He's right - but it's hard to see how anyone could have a brain, and feet, too insensitive to notice a strange set of footwear.

Not sharing your faith, I don't have to worry about sandals at the Masjid. However, parkas have been known to go missing from coat racks during our Minnesota winters.