Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mass Ramadan Greetings

Greetings everyone,

This is my first post, so I'll make it short and sweet.

So Ramadan is finally upon us. It's a great time for spiritual rejuvenation and atonement. I love the family atmosphere that overcomes the community; people smiling at each other when they cross paths, saying salams to strangers--it's great.

But Ramadan is also a time for mass text messages, which are not so great. At the beginning of every Ramadan and every Eid, I get at least 10-20 new text messages on my phone. They're all mass text messages, all forwarded, and almost all identical. Now, don't get me wrong, I appreciate people wishing me Ramadan mubarak and I appreciate the dua'as from everyone who offers them, but a mass text message is so impersonal, and it usually drones on and on--which can become annoying after the 10th identical message.

Moral of the story: pick up the phone and call your brother or sister!


Hussam Ayloush said...

Salaam Baraa,

I was planning to write about this issue. I received over 50 such text messages, from all over the country and the world. Now are they expecting me to reply to each one of them? Who has the time to text message, pressing those tiny keys on the phone, to 50 people?

Anyway, I love Ramadan. And in all honesty, I'd rather complain about too many greetings rather than none. :)

Baraa said...

Sorry I preempted you :-) But thanks for bringing up a good point about the expectation of a response! I hope people who sent me those messages are not offended that I didn't reply with similar well wishes.