Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A tale of Ajdaabh and Affad

Recently my room mate got a kitten. His wife will soon- God Willing- be arriving from Canada (part of the reason why I need new housing, and can be a whole other "whats up with that!?" story) so he decided to get a kitten. The kitten, Ajdaabh, was a runt at five weeks compared to his litter mates.

This kitten is the cutest thing in world. Man it just had this way to melt your heart. It also has proven that it lives up to its name- which in Arabic means stupid. Besides the usual, he has this peculiar habit of eating food out of my plate, climbing up my leg as I was the dishes, not letting me shower or use the bathroom in peace, chasing after everything that might move, poking its head into everything, still afraid of mirrors and it goes on. These I guess are normal kitty things. However, I think Ajdaabh hates me.

In the initial two weeks Ajdaabh has managed to pee all over my clean laundry, my sleeping bag (I refuse to sleep in a bed since I live such a nomadic life), my favorite pair of Adidas sneakers and God knows where else I will discover his pee.

When I told my room mate, we both tried to create theories to explain why, Ajdaabh would possibly pee on my stuff an not on his and still use the litter box regularly. Being Muslim we gave him many many benifits of the doubt. However, deep in my heart, I still held on to the idea that Ajdaabh hated me.

WELL GUESS WHAT FOLKS!? It has been confirmed. The darn cat hates me. My room mate asked the pet store expert and she said that Kittens do that to people they don't like. Whats up with that?

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