Monday, July 2, 2007

NOC vs. SOC - what's up with that?

OK, being the hungry, picky pregnant woman, I needed a cold nutritious drink the other day and fast and I didn't have the ingredients at home - what better drink than a smoothie right?

There are no decent smoothie places in North Orange County! Closest thing that they sell in NOC is one of those fruit juice concentrates with ice, with the occasional REAL banana in North Orange County (NOC). But if you live in say Irvine which is South Orange County, the way Asma does, you can get a smoothie with ALL the REAL ingredients. There are many smoothie chains in NOC to choose from.

NOC residents are also deprived of other establishments such as Coffee Bean (of course Starbucks is already everywhere), or Trader Joe's. Not to mention nice places to eat like one of my favorites Cheesecake Factory. You either have to go to SOC to go to these places or - God forbid - drive towards LA!

Why are we NOCs being discriminated against? Don't we deserve nice things too? Don't we desersve fresh strawberries, mango, barries like SOCs? We NOCs were here first. Without NOCs, SOC would not have been established.

What's up with that?

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Asma said...

By far the best smoothie place I've ever had in the US of A:

As Ibrahim would say, "Mmmmmmmmm." Come visit me and we'll go, its walking distance from my house :-) And if I'm not there, order the "Cool Breeze"