Friday, June 15, 2007

The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Dilema..Should I or Should I not?

Ever since my two inguinal hernia operations, I've stepped away from my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) training (now going on almost 3 years). The Jiu Jitsu gi (the uniform that BJJ practioners use which consists of a heavy reinforced cotton jacket and pants, kind of like a Judo uniform) has been calling to me from my closet...

Now I hope none of you think I'm insane or possessed by Jinn or anything like that, but I'm now at the crossroads of whether I should go back to BJJ training or simply retire and find less violent and physically demanding hobbies to take (like my recent return to bowling).

I'm not young anymore (I realized that when I started feeling sore from bowling) and at age 30 it will only get worse. My wife actually encouraged me to train again after I reassured her that I was not doing the stuff she saw on TV called the Ultimate Fighting Championships. I had to explain to her what the sport of Mixed Martial Arts(which involves boxing, muay thai kick boxing, wrestling, and BJJ. The sport is usually in a cage or boxing ring where two people duke it out and either win by knock out, submission, or decision.) is as opposed to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Plus she said the shorts that those MMA fighters in the UFC wear don't adequately cover the man's awrah (at that point I told her to lower her gaze lol).

I also asked my wife if she wanted to train with me but she preferred a tread mill at an all women's gym down in Chula Vista than choking and arm locking someone out with their own BJJ gi.

Thinking a little more about it, when I trained a lot back then, I saw people in their 40s training and it seemed fine for them. As with all matters I should seek Allah's guidance on it and do an istikarah prayer.

I then went on to try my old gi hanging in my closet. It actually still fit me despite the fact of sitting in the CAIR office close to 8 to 9 hours a day (and access to the vending machine downstairs) has led me to gain about 15 to 20 pounds more than my competition and training weight (I leave all of you to guess that lol). My wife tells me that all the weight gain is part of the whole "nesting" phenomenon where a new married couple like my wife and I (Can you believe I've been married for 3 years now?) are settling in and beginning to start a new family (inshallah we hope to have some children someday).

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sabiha said...

Jiu Jitsu? Bowling? Man Br. Edgar, you are full of surprises!