Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Return to Bowling

About two weeks ago, I decided to go back to a recreational sport that I once enjoyed as a junior high school student. Some of my childhood friends convinced me to join with them in a bowling league down in Brunswick Bowling Lanes in Chula Vista. I had several problems: 1) I didn't have a bowling ball 2)No Bowling shoes 3) I haven't bowled since Eid al Adha with the Brothers from Logan Islamic Community Center (several months).

Alhamdulillah, there happen to be a bowling ball pro shop about two minutes away drive from the CAIR SD office. I called them up and asked if they had this one particular ball in stock, it's called the Black Widow made by a bowling ball company called Hammer. Well the reason by behind choosing that one was it was the only ball that looked really nice (it was black with a hint of red and had a picture of a black widow drawn in red). I ended up buying the ball, a matching bag to carry it, and some nice Dexter bowling shoes (in black).

My first week at bowling league was dismal. I ended up averaging 92.5 and my fingers started to hurt a bit. I guess I shouldn't have bowled two full games before my league started. I ended up averaging 138 on those two games!

My fellow teamates also asked me what would be a good name for our new team. Well, the people we bowled against, coupled with all the people bowling league around us...is it me or are we the only young guys here? The people in the bowling league were at least in their 40s. On our team the oldest person is 32 years old (I'm 30). So we decided to call our team Young Gunz (nothing to do with the movie).

After bowling two weeks, I'm getting back into the groove. Alhamdulillah I'm now at 105 average and seem to be getting better each corresponding week. It's nice, Mashallah to go back to sport I always had fun with.

The downside was after each day at bowling league, my knee would hurt to the point that I would have to ice it and take a couple of motrin. Also, not related to the bowling, I think something is wrong with my dominant (left) hand. It might be broken (not seriously but it annoys me). Need to go to the doc for that inshallah. I guess I'm coming to the realization that I'm not young anymore and my body is slowing a bit and does not recover as fast as it used to.

I would be nice to have some sort of CAIR bowling game at one of our national or even state retreats. Now I can bring my black widow!

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Sharaf Mowjood said...

I can bowl a mean 70!