Thursday, June 28, 2007

Stating the Obvious

Whenever I see a personalized license plate, my eye is immediately drawn to it and I puzzle over it until I can figure out its meaning. Some are clever and gratifying to understand, such as this one from our office: CVLR8S; or the plate of a physics professor I know: PH6RLS; or this one I saw on a minivan on the Beltway the other day: MUSAFAR. I was stuck behind this one in traffic the other day: 8YOPIA. (I know, I know – you’re all shocked I was stuck in traffic)

Others are less inspired. Obvious. Such as the green car with the license plate GRNCAR, or BIGTRUK on an F-350. Thank you, I might not have been able to tell without that helpful label. And this makes me wonder: if someone made the effort and paid extra money for a vanity plate, why would they choose something so useless? What’s up with that?

The way I see it, if I’m investing my concentration and precious eye-time while driving, it should at least be worthwhile.


Tanzeela said...

I can't stand the "Z00M" or the "RNG L8"on the red sports car, or the "MOMSCAR" on the minivan, or the "MURANO" on the orange Nissan Murano.

Amina said...

Exactly -- the manufacturer usually takes care of making sure we know the make and model.

You're being very specific here -- is this orange Nissan one you know?

sabiha said...

I wonder what the inmates who make the license plates think :) (they do still make the license plates right?)?

naveed said...

someday i want to have the following license plate:


or just any mix of 5's and S's. that will confuse any person and/or police officer.